Build a network of brand ambassadors

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So how is this different from what Thunderclap does?
@AnujAdhiya With Thunderclap campaigns you try to create a big wave of the same tweets and Facebook posts. With Nouncy you build a network of ambassadors by doing multiple campaigns. It doesn't matter how large the group of ambassadors is in your campaign, the goal is to let people speak for you in their own tone of voice. The difference will get clearer with the features we'll be adding in the coming months.
What sort of scale do you need for a "blast" to have more of an effect than people posting as they wish? I feel like it would need to be well over 10,000 accounts for any meaningful difference to warrant this approach?
@taykcrane The goal of the app is to let people speak for you on social media, not to create the biggest blast possible. With every campaign you will expand your network of ambassadors. This will become clearer with the features we will add in the coming months.
How does this compare to Dynamic Signal ( It looks like a lightweight way to work with brand ambassadors.
Looks good but I can't read anything, apparently Google Chrome on Windows is not supported.
@_jamesmundy I have a hard time reproducing this problem. Does the problem occur in other browsers?
@timmolendijk Google Chrome on my home pc too. Running Chrome for Windows 8. I get taken to this page
@_jamesmundy Strange. Could you perhaps send me a screenshot on tim at nouncy dot com? Greatly appreciated, thanks!
I'd love to hear your feedback and/or answer your questions. Thanks for posting this @emieljanson.