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Hey Hunters, We’re bringing nearly 1 million icons from Noun Project directly into PowerPoint & Word with our new add-in for Microsoft Office. (https://thenounproject.com/for-o...) Since a lot of Noun Project’s community members already use icons with Office, we wanted to build an easier way for them to access our entire collection right in their workflow, like we did for our Mac users. (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) Without ever leaving PowerPoint or Word, the Noun Project add-in enables you to quickly find the icon you need, edit it, and add it to your presentation or doc. No need to download any files or even open a browser. The add-in is free to use for anyone (no account required) with access to 100 of our most frequently used icons. Forty bucks per year unlocks our entire collection of nearly 1 million icons, as well as full access to all Pro features. (https://thenounproject.com/pricing) And just like with all our products, proceeds are shared directly with our creative community. ps. We’re also working on an Adobe add-in for our designers on Windows.
@geremygood Great job guys. I was about to submit/add it but you did it before :) Going to beta test it !
@phb Thanks! Make sure to send us feedback from inside the app with any thoughts. :)
@phb I totally woke up early to post before you... you are the reason I'm tired today! haha jk ( but seriously )
The more embedded The Noun Project can be, the better 👍
This is great. Looking good Geremy!
This project has changed my design life - the price is great and so are the icons. Can't wait for the CC integration!
@scottbowler Don't get too comfy in your chair, it's coming real soon!
The Noun Project + Microsoft Office = :)