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Two years later, finally an update to this super useful Mac app! What's new: • Change icon colors • Improved SVG, PDF, and PNG support • New support for dropping icons into Figma and OmniGraffle • Includes 100 most popular icons to use for free, no time limit
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@chrismessina Thanks for the shout out Chris!
Nice update! I wish I could use this to open up the Noun Project website for the icons beyond the 100-icon starter pack. Would make the free version more useful. Right now, search is a dead-end experience. EDIT: Right-click on an icon to get to the web version for all you fellow freeloaders!
@kunalslab the rest of noun project is available through the mac app, it's just that it's a part of the paid subscription.
@skyeselbiger understood. Just trying to make a suggestion for the free version. Noun Project might be able to convert on more subscriptions if icon-hunters had a little more utility in the free app. If I saw the difference in experience between using a starter pack icon vs. having to go to the website, download an SVG, etc. I might get frustrated enough to subscribe!
@kunalslab You can :) right click any icon in the Mac app and select "view on the web."
@edwardboatman boom! Pinning this to my Mac dock. Thanks for helping me discover that!
@kunalslab The mac app is an indispensable part of my workflow. I literally don't know how I'd design without it. The paid membership is 100% worth it.
Great to see an update but still a shame there is still no Windows app. While it was true most designers worked on a Mac 10 years ago, times have changed but sadly your mentality has not.
@itsnblackburn We're looking into options for Windows and would love your input: https://thenounproject.typeform....
@sofyapolyakov Filled it in, thanks for considering us guys too!
Cool! I'm watching for Noun Project from the very beginning and it's always nice to see such updates from them. It's so great they have this native macOS application, it provides fantastic experience while using the service.
Another great product from The Noun Project, I am amazed by how fast you innovate! Glad to be part of it as an icon contributor ;-).