Noty is a small but really useful tool for rapid note taking

Hello all, Noty is a small app I developed as a side project during the weekend. My idea is to create a rapid note taking app without the many distractions in the popular note taking apps like tons of functionalities and the many steps to create a simple note. The app is based on the K.I.S.S. principle and is with minimalistic design. For now, there are a few features: - Just Open & Type - Edit and Delete notes - Share text via share intent from other apps In the backlog with features are: - Adding tags to the notes - Search - Day and Night themes - Markdown support Tell me what do you think about it. Any feedback and suggestions will be of a great help! :)
How is this different/better than Simplenote (
@zefareu the idea behind the Noty is to be simple as possible and enable the user to rapidly take notes. If you open Noty, you're presented to a screen with already opened keyboard and ready to type and save. When you save your thoughts or ideas, you're not presented with another screen to review, but you stay on the same one with cleared up text field and ready to type the next one.
@seishinbg Thank you. Tried it out, it is simple, as you say. I still prefer Simplenote, as it's also quite simple and I like the syncing between devices/web, but you have a clean, useable product here.
@zefareu thank you for the review and feedback! There will be an iOS and web versions as well as sync between them in the near future. I hope that then you will try it again. :)