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I use it everyday. Much like. Thank you @kane
I've been using the app daily for the last few weeks from @kane and it's now embedded in my workflow. Very simple utility for folks who often email themselves notes or reminders.
@daveambrose I'm curious but why not just write the note inside of evernote or write the reminders in your reminders?
@johnnyquachy I don't make Noto but I make Slapshot ( so I feel at least somewhat-but-not-at-all qualified to answer this... It's because you want to remember it later. No one remembers to check their notes later. Using the Reminders app is too many steps.
Thanks @daveambrose. Actively taking feedback!
@kane Congrats! I really like the simplicity. A few suggestions: - Adding a subject with a tag so you can easily sort out these notes in your inbox - ability to add more than one picture - Adding location and times in the signature would be great - keep it as simple as it is :)
@SoleneMa Thanks! - We prefix [Noto] by default, and it's customizable in Settings :) - We've thought few a few UIs for this, but they are all more complex than what we have. It's on our feature consideration list for 1.1 - We actually killed timestamps bc emails generate them by default. Geolocation is nifty, will add to consideration. Why timestamps if you don't mind me asking? - Roger!
@kane - For the subject, I'd suggest to retrieve the first word/sentence that you write on the first line. So that even if you don't consider writing a subject it'd take the first words of the first line. Look up at day one, the first sentence is the title of the note and it works well. - Why timestamps? because if I fwd the notes or copy/paste, I'd love to have it directly on the note. But I can understand that it is a minor use case. I'd be happy to test any updates if you have a beta release!
@SoleneMa right now, the first line does become the subject - anything under a line break is in body only! Is that what you're asking?
@kane yes, perfect. I get "no subject" when I sent pictures. That's what bugged me around.
excited to see this in android!
@davidlee us too - unfortunately, we don't have much Java talent on hand. I reached out to to see if they can be helpful - the app is really simple, so hopefully one of these newfangled converters work!
@kane I know people at apportable--so if we're serious let's discuss.
It's awesome! I am always taking notes as email. I had this idea a few months ago, I'm glad they made it :)