Email yourself. Fast.

Email yourself notes, to-dos, photos from Noto or your favorite app. Trigger other web services via IFTTT or Zapier. Integrate with email-enabled apps like Evernote. Why Noto? More flexibility and active development.

Feel free to check out our roadmap or outstanding feature requests / bug reports here.


  • Spencer Wrightmanufacturing guy-at-large

    lightweight, very fast



    *so* much faster and easier than opening up gmail/mail/whatever.

    Spencer Wright has used this product for one month.
  • Alyona ArkhipovaPanorama Networks

    simple and works very fast


    didn't find any

    Elegant and simple solution

    Alyona Arkhipova has used this product for one day.


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Antony Bearpark@antonybearpark · Graphic and Web Designer
Was expecting you'd use the Noto font to accompany :)
danielsuoMaker@danielsuo · pariah
@antonybearpark Actually thought about that! But a) decided it'd be too cute and b) Google font for iOS product ehhh. Maybe for the Android version!
Damjanski@damjanski · Do Something Good
<3 it's back!!!!
danielsuoMaker@danielsuo · pariah
@damjanski indeed! We didn’t want to bring it back until we could make it good. Always looking for feedback for future development.
Onur Aşcı@vonurasci · Senior Systems Analyst, Mobile Tech
Seems like a simple and useful product. However, I don't exactly get the point of releasing a utility tool with region restrictions, I'm sure they have a good reason. [SOLVED]
danielsuoMaker@danielsuo · pariah
@vonurasci Totally unintentional! Our contract with the App Store for paid applications says we're good for all territories and the availability for Noto specifically says the same. Do you know which regions we've (accidentally) restricted? Thanks for pointing out!
Onur Aşcı@vonurasci · Senior Systems Analyst, Mobile Tech
@danielsuo Interestingly, the app now comes up right after a search for keyword “noto app”, Turkish app store btw. It might had been a “regional” cache/deploy data problem of the store, I once had an app release still wasn’t visible to users after a full day. I’m gonna give the app a try and comment back :) Thank you.
danielsuoMaker@danielsuo · pariah
@vonurasci ah! We were just reaaaally low in the search rankings for “Noto” since apparently it’s a typo for Moto, or motorcycle, so...lots of games. I believe we’re now at the top for Noto now. If you like the app, would definitely appreciate you checking out the issues ( to help inform our roadmap ( Noto is a small utility app, but we want to make it *really* good.
Thomas Kientz@thomaskientz
I made Boomerang who is free and available for Android too : iOS : Android :
danielsuoMaker@danielsuo · pariah
@thomaskientz Boomerang is a great app from which we took inspiration! We wanted to have a second email address (actually, we disabled a feature to allow 8 total emails since the UI wasn't that straight forward) and to build our own app.
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊 Is it reliable?
danielsuoMaker@danielsuo · pariah
@ayush_chandra As long as you don’t destroy your phone, put it in a Faraday cage, or delete the app, it will deliver!
danielsuoMaker@danielsuo · pariah
@ayush_chandra To follow-up, reliability was unexpectedly non-trivial to get right given all the bad things users can do. If you manage to break Noto, let us know and we’ll fix it :)