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Hi PH πŸ‘‹ A couple of weeks ago I tweeted out my Notion setup and had a couple dozen people reach out asking to see more templates. So I put this weekend project together and started crowdsourcing templates. This is just the start, if you'd like to share your setup, please submit it here. Hoping that Notion releases a cloning feature soon so that people could easily copy templates. @francescod_ales and I also put together a Facebook group for Notion fans, welcome to join. Any feedback, suggestions appreciated πŸ™ Sign up to get updates when new Notion setups are added -
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@benln Great way to spend your weekend 😡 Great job Ben. πŸ‘
@francescod_ales @benln Notion founder here. Thanks for building this! (PS. cloning feature will come soon πŸ˜‰)
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@altryne there already is one :)

Notion is a great product, but it's hard to use if you feel overwhelmed with data, information and endless options of how to build your template.

This product, however, not only helps you organize your thoughts and serves your fitting template on a silver platter - it gives you new ideas on what to do with Notion (who would think of using it for Cooking, I really don't know. Kudos Ben).


Solves the biggest issue for new Notion users: Figure out what's the best way to organize your work according to your main goal.


As a person who uses Notion for product management, it would be great to have a product management category in the homepage.

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I love Notion and use it for everything, but sometimes I can't find a template to suit my needs. They're easy to create from scratch, but I love not having to think about it and just use a template instead.


Makes it WAY quicker and easier to get anything organized on Notion.


None so far.

Reminds me of Airtable Universe (but for Notion).
@rrhoover πŸ’―
I love everything Notion (sorry Evernote but you said you would change but you never did!) and so I appreciate Ben making a store-front window for us to peak in for ideas and inspiration and in the FB group, support. I signed up!
@manmountainprod awesome! Welcome to the group.