Powerful home intelligence sensors

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I just backed these guys on Kickstarter and wrote a blog post about how they would have saved our house when we had a water leak. Love this product and the team behind it is impressive. Full Disclosure: I work at Techstars, and they are in our Boulder program. Clear bias but my love for this is REAL. I'm an IoT dork.
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@arinewman Thanks for the support, Ari!
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Hey Everyone, I'm one of the co-founders of Notion. Happy to answer any questions you may have. Kickstarter just launched about an hour ago!
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Notion is an all-on-one sensor for complete home intelligence. Our single sensor can detect doors/windows opening, water leaks, alarms sounding, how full a propane tank, if a light is left on, temperature of a room, if a gun safe or liquor cabinet is accessed by a child, and much, much more! How would you use Notion?
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Such an awesome team and product. Great for when I'm out of town and have AirBnB guests, it will help me know when they've arrived. Excited to hear about other people's use cases and play around with the API.
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@fletchrichman Great to have your support, Fletcher! We're doing our best to connect with AirBnB as well as VRBO/HomeAway to make it super easy for people to have/use Notion.
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I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these.
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@nglaros Thanks, Nicole! We can't wait to ship them out!