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#3 Product of the MonthMay 2014
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Aashrey@aashrey_ · Google
Not available in the US App Store for iOS? Anyone faced this issue?
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson@ryanwj · Founder @ Paid
@aashrey_ @emieljanson, is it gone from the Apple Store?
Aashrey@aashrey_ · Google
@ryanwj @emieljanson it seems like it's there on the iOS App Store, just not the US iOS App Store. Can't download because of that.
Eitan Rosenberg
Eitan Rosenberg@eitan_rosenberg
@aashrey_ @ryanwj @emieljanson Same here! Not allowed to download it.
@aashrey_ Same issue!
@aashrey_ Can't download either. "The item you've requested is not currently available in the U.S. store."
Emiel Janson
Emiel JansonMaker@emieljanson · Designer
Joost just made Notifyr free every other day for 7 days starting today. Go and download this nice piece of software →
Emiel Janson
Emiel JansonMaker@emieljanson · Designer
This is really awesome! I've been working with Joost for quite some time now. We developed our first app together when Joost was 13 or 14. Joost also developed my latest app I can say that Joost is a really good design driven developer (I sent his code to other developers a few times). Joost might be the best developer I know, well the best of all developers that wants to become an accountant. I really like Joost finally worked on his own project and put together such great quality software. Download Notifyr and remember: Joost is 17. So cool! I hope this makes him filthy rich and he changes his mind about becoming an accountant.
Nikita Korotaev
Nikita Korotaev@nikitakorotaev · Incubating products @ Glocal Partners
Awesome! Just got my first notification. It was from Mailbox. First thought, I don't need email notifications. Clicked on notification, took me to the window that allows me to disable notification from certain apps. Boom.
Eugeniu Vozoca
Eugeniu Vozoca@devjah · Developer
It's officially dead. Why was it featured in today's newsletter?