Get notified in Slack when your startup is mentioned online



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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
I've been using Mention for several months to receive daily notifications when Product Hunt or my name is mentioned online. I like Notify's Slack-integrated approach, which serves as more of an ambient notification feed for these alerts and may inspire more team conversation than individual emails.
James Mundy — Founder, Foundbite
@rrhoover Big fan of Mention - very useful.
Ross Currie — Founder, CrowdLoot
@rrhoover Now that I know this I'm going to start mentioning your name in really odd corners of the Internet.

I'm also going to signup for Mention
guillaume cabane — VP Growth @Segment
@rrhoover Thanks ! I love this slack integration, it's a great idea, a nice approach to media monitoring at the basic level.

Now if you do want to have Mention into Slack, well there is an easy way with Zapier :

Full details here :
guillaume cabane — VP Growth @Segment
@_jamesmundy Thanks James !
Shannon Byrne — Created Content Strategist
@rrhoover @_jamesmundy Awesome to hear, James. Would be great to learn more about how you're using Mention. :)
James Mundy — Founder, Foundbite
@shannnonb at the moment, just to keep track of people talking about our app on social media and in blog posts. Mention has picked up a lot of stuff that Google Alerts has missed.
Andreas Klinger — Tech at Product Hunt 💃
@rrhoover @guillaumecabane No worries. We are using the slack integration via zapier. Nobody at Product Hunt likes email :)
Kristin Adams — Founder, Socialie
@rrhoover Do you use this for Twitter mentions as well? You do seem to respond/fave every mention :) I'm (selfishly) curious how you handle monitoring for most important mentions on Twitter.
Michal Sadowski — CEO & Founder at Brand24
Looks great. However, seems like number of sources you can get notification is quite restricted. I recommend you try which monitors whole web + provides easy to use analytics like top influencers, most interactive pieces of content, etc. :)
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