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Ah, well... I can only look at this and smile... I built Notifo in 2010 which was essentially the same product of letting consumers receive notifications from any source they wanted (complete with developer API)... - sadly without much traction it died a slow painful death. I like to think it was just ahead of its time. I have a soft spot in my heart for notifications, so I'll be watching this one intently.
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@jazzychad timing... I bet if you do it today it will gets tons of tractions
@jazzychad Do you think it was timing, or do you think it was something else? Does Notify, or other apps like it, solve anything people don't already have solved? Seems like a solution looking for a problem, rather than a problem in need of a solution.
@jazzychad I'm sure FB's major partnerships+brand will play a major part
@m_mozafarian @jazzychad Traction is irrelevant it literally is an absolutely irrelevant metric outside of raising vc money or validating ego ( it doesn't tell you if a product is creating real value ) because everyone can leave says nothing about core value and solving a need...just look at Facebooks other products that gained some initial traction, why because they have 1 billion users that why. *value = retention ( no one has every been retained without adding value, if the value decreases you churn ) Slingshot Facebook Poke Facebook Camera Facebook Home Rooms Riff I can go on for point exactly.
@nicholassheriff @jazzychad traction without retention is worthless
Facebook just launched a Yo competitor. Over a year ago, @joshm wrote this post about notifications becoming the next social platform and communication channel. Since then we've seen several apps where the entire value and interface is within the notification itself.
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@rrhoover we built the infrastructure for such product a year ago!
Good move by Facebook, it's going to be interesting to see how notifications (on iOS particularly) is going to adapt to more apps going this route. Apps are certainly going to have to fight to get your attention in an already busy feed.
Is "Push notification as a service" a thing yet?
This is an attempt to be a better way to consume news...which is basically what Twitter is already. My question is whether there is enough sources that "matter" to make a standalone app? For me, the only things that matter enough to actually look at every notification are close friends (text), work conversations about Horizon or consulting work (slack)...and that's about it. I may be an outlier, but I don't really read mainstream news; just follow relevant industry news (but virtually no source is good enough that I'd want to get notified every time they published anything). I'm not sure what the solid use case is for Notify. For me, there isn't one. PS: I'm surprised Facebook made their landing page with WordPress. Anyone else find that odd?
Sorry, Facebook. The "notifications that matter from sources you love" aren't these: The last thing I need is more celebrity news, gossip, CNN garbage headlines and other crap on my notifications screen. I was really hoping that this would be a way to get notifications from people in my life, or important things. Even if I could try this (and I can't, because for some reason it's US-only - seriously?), I'll take a pass. I get enough crap from these sources in my feed already that I have to continually hide one source at a time.
I must be the antithesis of the target market for this. I can't stand mobile notifications (in general) and can't imagine turning them on for anything but texts from my wife. I don't even have notifications for e-mail turned on. This isn't just for me: I also get frustrated by people stopping mid-sentence to look at a notification that just came in. So no thank you, I can't say adding more distraction to everyone's lives is a great idea. $$$ I'm sure it's a great way for facebook to learn about their users' interests in great detail without them having to "like" pages on facebook itself. $$$
@sholtaway I'm with you on that.