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In the beginning, our product was just a set of algorithms that we(co-founders) used for ourselves. While those algorithms were attesting positive results we started thinking of sharing them with others.

  • miss adler
    miss adleran artist

    Very intuitive navigation. Nice product. Love this design.


    One of cons - lack of educational content.

    Hope guys will deal with it 🙂

    miss adler has used this product for one day.
  • Bogdan  Korecki
    Bogdan KoreckiCOO, YSBM Group

    Clear and helpful interface, responsive support


    Quite young company, needs some time to check

    Good tool for checking stocks signals

    Bogdan Korecki has used this product for one month.
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Mike Gritsay
Mike GritsayMaker@mike_gritsay · Launching platform.
Hello there 👋 I wanted to make the investment into stock market relatively easy, profitable and less time consuming. Have been using the tool for a while to make my own investment decisions. I haven't built the most profitable strategy on the market, but with this tool I got some stable ROI for my investments with as little as 30 min per day to make an investment. Notifinio is a provider of US stock market and ETF signals. It can be used as an additional tool to your own research or as a standalone investment recommendation platform I aim to make investments in Stocks Market easy and profitable for non-professional investors by providing daily recommendations. Only for Product hunt community, we triple your subscription length with “PHNOTIFIN”. For example, for 1 month subscription plan purchase, you will get 3 months.