Send cross-channel team notifications from your app ⚡️

Notify team members when something happens in your app via Telegram, Messenger, Slack, SMS or Email with only a couple of lines of code.

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Hi PH! 👋 A quick intro to why I built Notifiee: When I make side-projects I usually want to quickly add in notifications to myself or co-workers when things happen in my app. Usually, this is really easy to do with email, since you probably have it configured early on in your project. But what if you want to send notifications to yourself or co-workers through Telegram, Messenger, Slack, SMS, etc? Each requires a bit of configuration, even email can take some time to setup initially. Notifiee essentially reduces this setup process in your own app to a couple of lines of code, i.e. set the API key for your project, then one line of code to send a notification to a 'notifiee' you've created within The Notifiee interface let's you simply add 'notifiees' to send notifications to and set up their 'channels'. Notifiee 'channels' are common platforms for receiving notifications such as Telegram, Messenger, Slack, SMS, etc. Would love to hear what you guys think about the idea in general and the process of using the service if you go that far. 🙂
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@garethafuller , Have you started with B2B outbound sales ?