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Shashwat PradhanΒ β€” CEO/Founder @emberify
Hello Product Hunt! I moved to an Android phone a few months back when I broke my iPhone. I saw that notifications are a big problem of being intrusive in the drawer. Also some notifications weren't important and could be managed later but clutter the notification drawer. We built a unified notification inbox and applied Machine Learning on top of it to prioritise important notifications. It also lets users customise there notification experience and provides analytics. Hope to get some feedback! 😸
Niv DrorΒ β€” Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
@shashwatpradhan very cool! My default for every app on my Galaxy phone is to turn off any sort of notification setting ahah -- and on iPhone, basically on the messaging and on-demand apps get notification privileges πŸ’
Shashwat PradhanΒ β€” CEO/Founder @emberify
@nivo0o0 yep exactly, even I use to hide most apps notifications on my Android. But now, I keep them hidden in the notification drawer and see them in Notification Hub as per my convenience so that I don't miss on them. (It sometimes is like checking your spam email folder)
Pierre-Marie GaliteΒ β€” entrepreneur, mobile developer/advisor
This is actually a really neat app, and I think enabling multi-devices (phone & tablet) notification would be a great additional feature. Nice job!
Shashwat PradhanΒ β€” CEO/Founder @emberify
@tsunaze that's a great idea! If we get a good response for this, that can be our next development.
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