Notification History Log

Get back old notifications you have cleared accidentally

Cleared any notification accidentally? Want to check any notification that you already deleted? Then Notification History Log will help you.

This is the only application you need to retrieve all your old notifications. With this app you can have access to Notification History Log where you can find old notifications that you cleared recently

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2 Reviews5.0/5
I tried the app and paid for the "advanced" version because the developer claimed the saved notifications were functional, it was a false promise
@laszlo_tihanyi Hi, What exactly do you mean by "saved notifications were functional"? In pro version we promised Ad-free experience, unlimited notification log, home screen widget, exporting notifications, deleting individual notifications, blacklisting applications and advanced filters. Can you please provide more details about the issue you are facing.
@amarillindra - I needed an app that would launch not only the application where the notification came from but one that would take me to the specific notification, your app performed that function well for about a dozen times and stopped doing it after that. We don't need to pay for an app to save notifications because Android Setting provides that automatically and free of charge
@laszlo_tihanyi Each app pushes the notifications differently and we haven't made any changes on how to open the app on clicking the notification. It will open the app from where the notification is received. I just tested the latest version on couple of testing devices and it is working fine for me. It would be really helpful if you can send a screenshot of issue and device details to Reg. default notification history log in Android. It has the following limitations 1. Not available for every device 2. Not user friendly 3. Saves only ~50 notifications 4. They are gone after rebooting the mobile. 5. You can not open the app. 6. It is very difficult to read the notification title and description. Our app fixes all the above issues along with more controls like 1. Search 2. Delete notifications 3. Filter notifications 4. Copying notification contents to clipboard 5. Home screen widget 6. Blacklisting the apps 7. Exporting notifications 8. Grouping notifications and more to come.