Creates a social FOMO to instantly multiply your leads

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Notif is small & light weight widget that rapidly displays your most recent Signups, Purchases, or Subscriptions on your Website. This creates a Social FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) that builds anxiety in your website visitors to perform a similar action. Grow your Leads and website conversions 20 times within the next 2 minutes.


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  • Austin DistelCMO, Proof

    social proof increases conversions


    It's a cheap knockoff. They literally ripped off Proof™

    Look at the code line by line and you can see it's copied from straight Proof™.

    Austin Distel has never used this product.


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John Philip MorganHiring@jpamorgan · CTO at Proof
Interesting. The design looks exactly like our software at and when I take a look at the code it seems to be a direct copy. They just appended 'ret' to all our variable names. You can see 'proof' variables still littered throughout the codebase. :( real bummer.
Zach SwetzPro@swetzequity · Product Manager in Pittsburgh
@jpamorgan show us ..... proof. 😬 sorry I had to
Gavin@gavindinubilo · I write code
@jpamorgan @swetzequity Also looks like they swooped the "logo" from this blog post unless the writer here also worked on this Also, it looks like John was talking about the notification thing in the bottom left on both sites. They're shockingly similar.
✎ Andrew Warner@andrewwarner
@jpamorgan that's exactly what I thought. I wish I jumped in here sooner and said something.
Rajesh Pandurangan@raajesh_rp · Tech Enthusiast
@jpamorgan It's common that every developer name contact related fields like `fname`, `firstname` or `first_name`. This doesn't mean it was copied from another developer. So does the Javascript code that every site gives to embed in others sites. They look similar. But that doesn't mean they are copied. As a CTO, you should have known better before mAking such tall claims
Gavin@gavindinubilo · I write code
@jpamorgan @raajesh_rp Unfortunately, this isn't the case here though, the design (along with class names of elements) for the notifications are literally the same besides some small copy in it. I'm all for competition, but quite literally copying your competitor isn't right.
✎ Andrew Warner@andrewwarner
WTF? You guys seemed to have copied the look and feel of Proof.
ryan kulp@ryanckulp · retired developer turned musician
lol. Fomo was the first company to provide this service. we launched in 2014 as Notify, then rebranded to Fomo in August 2016. proof: * * most competitors (including those commenting here) have copy-pasted elements of our product (code) and website (copywriting). most competitors have been sent legal warnings from our lawyers for the above offenses. when i ponder "who will win" i'm reminded of Fomo's vision statement: "to give honest entrepreneurs the credibility they deserve." proof: * because this space is contingent on honesty, whenever our competitors cut ethical corners it only make Fomo shine more. thanks @andrewwarner and Parneet Dilawari for the heads up.
Jp Valery@jpvalery · Customer Success @ LANDR / Ex-Gameloft
This is just a blatant ripoff, and the makers are just being obnoxious. That's very sad to see, and not worth of the PH community.
Palash BagchiMaker@palash76 · Growth Hacker
@jpvalery you guys ripped off usefomo. Could not be creative enough to even use a unique domain. Copied them and created useproof..haha..thanks for entertaining the should get a special mention in PH.
Jp Valery@jpvalery · Customer Success @ LANDR / Ex-Gameloft
@palash76 I'm not affiliated with any of these companies. I'm just sad to see your agressive behavior and lack of diplomacy, especially in light of what seems to be you just copying everything from another company. Rather than trying to calm things down, you just taunt and insult other users. So ultimately rather than explaining why your product is superior or more innovative, you just act obnoxious. Not the best course of action IMHO 🤦‍♂️
Palash BagchiMaker@palash76 · Growth Hacker
@jpvalery surprisingly you find only my comments obnoxious! Is that your neutral stand? And what makes you believe that Notif is a copy of proof? Just because couple of proof founders and sympathizers are being called in to make that claim? Did you do your diligence before commenting or taking a side? If you did, then let the world know what you found. When you have already jumped into the water, don't retract and pretend to be neutral. Ask proof first how can they copy usefomo before you ask Notif. And notif is just 10% of the marketing automation suite from Retainly. Do you really think there is any competition? You choose to be blind towards the obvious blaming strategy of proof and even pass a judgement that we are not fit for this community. We're you expecting kind words from me? Don't be naive.
Palash BagchiMaker@palash76 · Growth Hacker
@jpvalery where is your diplomacy in declaring that we are not worth of this community?.who made you the judge? practice what you preach..and stop making a fool of yourself. You want a war? I will give you one you have never dreamed of.
Palash BagchiMaker@palash76 · Growth Hacker
Thank you @ria for hunting Notif. Notif is a small script that can be pasted on any website. It tracks signups, purchases or even subscriptions and displays them in real-time to the website visitors, compelling them to signup up as well. It works wonders. We are ourselves witnessing 100% growth in our website conversions since we first launched it last week.
Dave Rogenmoser@dave_rogenmoser · Co-founder of Proof
Hey @palash76 where did you get the design for your exciting new tool? Looks shockingly similar to our software that we launched 6 months ago... :)
Palash BagchiMaker@palash76 · Growth Hacker
@dave_rogenmoser Hi Dave, we have multiple designs for the notification. The one displayed is a standard UI design component. :-)
John Philip MorganHiring@jpamorgan · CTO at Proof
@dave_rogenmoser @palash76 It's our EXACT design AND code. You even left our variable names in tact in the code.
John Philip MorganHiring@jpamorgan · CTO at Proof
@dave_rogenmoser @palash76 It's pretty shocking to see people completely rip code like this and call it their own.
✎ Andrew Warner@andrewwarner
@ria Your reputation could be hurt by posting an exact copy of someone else's work. @palash76 hasn't addressed the issue and I'll stand down if I'm wrong, but he copied the exact design. Tim, please talk with @palash76. There are better ways to work.