Notes, Shopping & To-do Lists

Thanks for the hunt bojansavikj, We created Notibuyer to enhance productivity in a simple way. Not only for the person using the app, but also for his/her friends. We believe we can make your life stress free and your time planning more efficient! WHAT IS NOTIBUYER? Notibuyer is a simple and free to use voice memo notepad and to-do list application for personal and shared notes on your mobile device. Notibuyer can also be used to manage and share your family’s shopping list with each member of the family. PRODUCTIVITY AND ORGANIZATION FEATURES With Notibuyer, you can easily create, organize and share your notes, shopping and to-do lists with a voice memo, text or picture on the go. A pleasant additional feature of items search by text or picture in Google search engine makes Notibuyer even more worhy to use! TRANSCRIBE OF AUDIO Every voice memo is transcribed into text and is also saved as an audio file for playback in case transcription is a little bit messed up :-). PHOTO OR VIDEO TASKS Alternatively, you can add your tasks/notes or items as a text memo or an image only. Or combine them the way you like (audio-text, audio-text-image, text-image, audio-image).
Eugene Lukyanov, how is going with your app?
@alex_siman we are in the final stage of launching iOS version. Users are satisfied with the app and that's the most important part!