Back-up notifications & turn-off annoying ones!

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As someone who gets way too many notifications every day - THANK YOU! Would be awesome if it could access my calendar and backup all notifications that drop in during meetings for later.
@bulygind thanks for your comment. Yes, we'll make Do-Not-Disturb more smarter based on your phone usage, calendar. Meanwhile, the quick widget shortcut will immensely help you.
@bulygind Also, doing a timeline of your past notifications gives a very clear perspective of what's been happening with your 'oh-so-loved' device.
Quite a simple solution to some of the prevailing notification worries. Solves the purpose for me. Good work ladies.
Hi there! This little app is made by me and my friend Ruchi. We identified two basic problems regarding notifications on Android phone. First, people clear notifications very recklessly and crib later. Notifications with custom offers, promo codes are lost. Most of the apps still do not have inboxes to save their notifications. Second, too many notifications are annoying, very annoying. Keeping these at core, we developed a lightweight, simple & easy app to turn-off annoying alerts, backup notifications and make better use of them. We want to be the default app inbox to refer all notifications and act on them. Some of the key features: - Do-Not-Disturb. Shut notification alerts from all or few apps - Reply. Directly reply on your Whatsapp & SMS notifications with a single tap. - Share. Send a notification in full or a piece of it, to your friends. - Set Reminders. Reminding you on time for the next big sale :) A Smart Widget on the notification panel helps you check the back-up status without opening NotiBox. Looking for some feedback from this great community.
Notifications are getting out of control - great idea!
@samir_doshi thanks Sam. This is first small step to de-clutter users smartphone life. There are some small bugs in the app that we would address thru upcoming version. Keep sharing feedbacks. Thanks.
This is wonderful! I get hundreds of notifications everyday, from a bunch of apps and twitter users whose thoughts I keenly follow. This, in combination with a kind of OCD to read every notification makes for really horrible mornings! πŸ˜… I downloaded the app, and it seems perfect! I like that it doesn't take over my notifications bar like Snowball does. One small hat tip: In the set up process, allow "select all" and "deselect all" when choosing applications. But overall, it seems like the exact solution I was looking for. Congrats on the launch! πŸ˜„
@srikrishnaholla Hi Shri, thanks a ton for the lovely review. Would request you to be our mouthpiece and spread the word among your friends and help us further improve the product.