A better way to grab attention on your website πŸ‘€ is a push notification system that's too good for your web visitors to ignore.

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I wondering if this is too pushy and annoying for users? Do you test it maybe?
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Great question. I think context matters. If the message is relevant and useful, then it will mitigate the pushiness. Unfortunately, the only measure we can see right now is click through rates so perhaps users can test whether a message is relevant or not using that.
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Could be a great use case for GDPR
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@jaketruman Thanks for the suggestion. I'm not quite familiar myself about GDPR, can you help elaborate more on how it would this work with GDPR?
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@jqquah It is now a requirement of all online companies potentially handling EU citizens, to put a disclaimer about cookie use as soon as the user hits the site. There are a lot of ways companies are trying to approach this from a UX perspective, but yours would be unique from what I've seen. I'd check out these links to get more details: There is a plethora more out there for sources. However, if it fits, I'd move quickly, this is a rapidly developing sector.
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Is there a demo available?
@mangesh feel free to try it out, we don't charge for it. Or more accurately, we don't know how to charge for this.
So much wow. This is an amazing tool, love how it fills in your note and shows you what it will say! Super simple to use, exactly what I needed. :)
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@saucyofficiale Thanks Saucy! I'm hungry for feedbacks on how to improve this, if you have any suggestions please do let me know.
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"free to start" ==> price later on?
@jeffrey_wyman Hi Jeffrey, unfortunately there are no premium feature for us to price now, but the most basic features (what we have now) will always be free to use forever as long as our site survives. Eventually we'll need to figure out some way to cover maybe the server cost?