Highlight, organize, and share information effectively

With NotesAlong you can highlight and share information directly in webpages, easily and effectively.
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Jack Dorini
Happy new year PH community! Throughout the years of browsing the web, I frequently run into the following issues: 1. I encounter information I want to save and organize immediately without copy+paste and context switching to another app. 2. I want to share an article with others while bringing attention to specific highlighted parts. 3. I want to share collections of highlighted information with others from a variety of articles. To solve that, we created NotesAlong. At the moment, it solves problems #1 & #2. Example: In addition, it offers the following: 1. Organizing content via colors, tags, collections and reactions 2. Persisting highlights on web pages they were taken from 3. The ability to comment on highlights 4. Rich note editor for standard note-taking At the moment, NotesAlong has its limitations but, the intention is to keep building and supporting the primary mission which is to share information effectively. I would love to hear some constructive feedback from the community about how this tool could be elevated and improved upon. Thank you, Jack
Looks slick. What's included in the free plan? Do I need to open an account to use it?
Karen PatrickI'm just me!
I genuinely like this product. It's easy to understand and I like the side bar that shows all the highlights we have made. It would be more efficient if the highlight icon could be smaller though and if there is a way to turn on/off the highlight feature indefinitely instead of turning it on manually whenever we want to choose something!
I love this product. really slick and simple interface. does the job perfect. would love to see a mobile version (app) of it