Notes Limited

Handcrafted notebooks made from vintage paper.

Thank you all for your response. Especially the hipster award would be nice. @hallojona We are searching online, on flea markets, calling old paper mills and much more. The paper comes from places like Hamburg, Riga, Vienna or NYC. It's so much fun to find a new source for good vintage paper.
"Handcrafted" "notebooks" and "vintage" all in one tagline. Someone get this company a hipster award. But seriously, the notebooks are beautiful. Glad to see some alternatives to field notes!
@colemercer Not to mention the Wes Anderson-esque color palette.
My friend Fedja starts Notes Limited a few days ago. My question to Fedja is: Where do you find all the vintage paper for your handcrafted notebooks?
this is by far the best papers that i have seen! I am just wondering how cool it would be to hold them in hands! Awesome startup to start....
Great idea, a shade expensive - but I can see why you might give this as a present to someone who loves scribbling notes. Very unique.