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Eduard MetzgerMaker@metzgereduard · Developer
Hi Hunters! So excited to launch NotePlan for iPhone and iPad! Why NotePlan? My goal with NotePlan was to create a tool that will help you plan and decide what to do on a given day and capture random information quickly, so nothing slips through the cracks. The core idea is that you have a note for every day in your calendar. This way you can not only manage your events and appointments but also capture random ideas, important bits of information, action lists, reference material and so on. Anything coming your way and demanding your attention. With NotePlan you can save it and continue focusing on your work without worrying to lose the info. Now all this also on iPhone and iPad! You can use it individually or in sync with the macOS app. Here is a video: (The iOS version is available for 20% discount for 48 hours and the Mac version for 15% discount.)
Ale Muñoz@bomberstudios · Design Hacker @ Bohemian Coding
I’ve been using NotePlan Mac (& iOS Beta) for the last few months and now I can’t imagine my life without it
Eduard MetzgerMaker@metzgereduard · Developer
@bomberstudios Thanks! :)
lindelof@lindelof · Net Friends
Been looking for a MacOS replacement calendar for some time now that won't break the bank. Also liking the ability to use hashtags to organize notes. I'll give it a try.
Patrick Thompson@neurohacked
Oh look, another orange iOS app icon... >.< On a more positive note, cool looking app. But seriously, devs, please....there are other colors aside from orange and white.
Nathan Atkinson@quiethabits · Documentation Specialist
@neurohacked better orange and white than blue and white 😉
Fraser Smith@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
I've been using the MacOS version as my go-to calendar for a while so buying this was a no-brainer for me, even if it is somewhat more costly than my typical iOS purchases. However, there is something deeply unintuitive happening, which is probably me and isn't for this forum. What's the best way to make contact?
Eduard MetzgerMaker@metzgereduard · Developer
@frassmith Thanks! for direct help. Or Reddit for broader discussions:
Fraser Smith@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
@metzgereduard @noteplan Thanks, the problem was entirely at my end and was solved by a restart of my iPad. Happy to see that Notplan on iOS is every bit as elegant and intuitive as it is on MacOS. Great work!
Eduard MetzgerMaker@metzgereduard · Developer
@frassmith @noteplan Thanks for sharing the solution. Will watch out, if this happens more often.