NotePlan 2 on macOS

Spend less time planning and more time doing

With NotePlan you get serious work done. It helps you to spend less time planning and more time doing. It lets you track your work and get things quickly out of your head, so you have the headspace to be creative - that’s what brains are made for.
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Hi Hunters! So excited to announce NotePlan 2 on macOS. Finally, after developing it from scratch for more than a year with a long beta phase and tons of constructive user feedback! We have also used the opportunity to implement a few of the hottest feature requests: * 3 pane layout (sidebar, calendar/notes and editor) * Week view (see your week at a glance) * Calendar tags (tag to-dos) * Schedule to-dos from notes into the calendar (dated to-dos) * Drag & drop to-dos into calendar days * And many more features... And finally it can be downloaded with a 14-day trial without upfront costs or subscription. The whole app got also a huge face-lift. This is a paid upgrade and comes at a discount for NotePlan 1 users. Currently you can purchase it at 20% launch discount. P.S.: Sorry for the confusion if you already bought NotePlan 1 and don't see the upgrade option. This is a bug we have fixed and are waiting for the Apple Review right now.
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Pretty cool! Just downloaded.
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I love working with this tool. It's the digital equivalent of the Bullet Journal system I had been looking for. I use it every day to take notes on iOS in chats and meetings at work and sort everything out on the desktop app. Wrangling the raw input of Notes, Topics, Todos in NotePlan work really well for me and even better in V2!
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Really well done guys. Flawless evolution from version one, and perfectly integrated with the iOS counterparts. Having everything on one screen is so awesome.
Congrats on the launch! Just upgraded from v1. Instantly loved it. Thank you so much! 🧡