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Hey Hunters! I'm the creator of NotePlan :) I have made this app as a sideproject, because I was used to pen and paper daily planning with my Moleskin calendars, but couldn't find anything awesome on macOS to digitize my workflow. I came across Markdown ( and BulletJournal ( and loved it, so I decided to make a daily planning tool inspired by those two. What can NotePlan do? It's a writing tool with calendar and notes. You write a note for every day using bullet points for todos or events. Those points will fill your calendar. If you want a normal note, use the standalone notes area, where you can just jot down things for later. Format your text using Markdown. You can schedule todos to specific dates and add them to the Reminders app. Events from external calendars are also displayed inside the NotePlan calendar and the daily notes, if you have added them to Apple's Calendar app (you can add your Google Calendar there for example or anything with a subscription). Let me know what you think of it! If you subscribe on the website, a trial link is sent into your inbox.
@metzgereduard I can see my Google calendars. (Downloaded the trial version.) But I can't create new events for them via inside NotePlan, right?
@drikkes You can add todos to your calendars and to the Apple Reminders through NotePlan by using the "Send to" button on the left of the text area after entering a day. If you edit a daily note (click on a day in the calendar), hover left of the next with your mouse and you will see the button (alternatively select a todo and hit CMD+S or see the Format menu). A dialog should open with the title "Create Event". Select a calendar (can be also google) or the Reminders icon.
Ah, I saw it. Nice! Now I have other problems, but ProductHunt is not the right platform this. I will tweet you about it.
Strange to use markdown but there is no way to see the markdown preview? Also, no way to look at all tasks assigned: you have to wander through the various docs, or search
Been using it for a couple of days and it's already become part of my daily work. So much win!
This would be super useful is there was a Windows version :(
@braunshizzle Thanks for the feedback! Wanted to cover first on the Apple ecosystem. MacOS and iOS that is. Other operating systems are not decided yet.
Typo on homepage "Sing up for updates" in regards to iOS app.
@keirwilliams Oops, thanks, its fixed!