Notepin 2.0

Extremely simple note-taking + blogging ✍️

Notepin is a platform to write beautiful notes ✍️

- No signup required πŸ‘€

- Create a blog with your own custom domain πŸ“š

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Hey Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹ It has been a year since Notepin was first launched on Product Hunt and I am excited to introduce you to Version 2.0. The majority of note-taking apps are heavy and require excessive effort to get started. I wanted to build a platform that got rid of these constraints by removing the signup process so you don't have to worry about email verifications or passwords. The current tools built around this space either primarily store content in your browser or limit you to a single note per URL. Notepin lets you access your notebook from any device without any signup required. Each notebook has its own unique URL which can be used individually or for collaborative efforts. Blogging has become more difficult than it should be and many platforms out there possess the same problems that I wanted to tackle with note-taking. Notepin can now double as a blogging platform alongside your notebook. If you have a blog set up, you can access it from You can manage your blog at The blogging platform allows you to: - Attach a custom domain πŸ”— - Track with Google Analytics πŸ“ˆ - Improve SEO for your posts, though this is done automatically πŸ“š - Import your posts from Ghost πŸ‘€ - Add minimalist widgets to your blog πŸ”₯ Other notable features include: - Beautiful themes - Speed reading - Text to speech - Tables The platform has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and is faster than before. It is extremely lightweight and features a beautiful editor to help you write in a distraction-free environment. I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Thank you!
@naveenkumar Hey πŸ‘‹ There are actually many differences between Notepin and which make the two unique in their own way with different use cases. Firstly, Notepin involves a no signup process and allows you to create a complete notebook with its own unique URL. You can create as many notes as you want here and can visit the same URL from any device. With, you can only store a single note in a unmemorable URL - though you have the option to register for an account and create a public blog. is a blogging platform. Notepin is a note-taking platform which comes with the optional ability to transform your notebook into a public blog. No registration is required to use this service and you can create private notes alongside your blog. Your notes are not made public with Notepin. lacks customizability as it does not allow for the use of themes, in which Notepin does. There are five so far and counting :) The no signup side of is designed for short-term, single use cases. It is unlikely that you would remember the randomly generated URL for a single post you had created. Notepin on the other hand lets you choose your own URL name and you can store however many notes you like there. The note URLs are not just stored in your browser with Notepin, which means you can access them from any device. Once the browser used to create your single post on forgets about the service, there is no way to edit that post again - or even have it removed. The editor for Notepin is designed to be so much simpler to use and offers a visual writing experience. Whatever you see on the editor is what your post will look like. It comes with ambient sounds and lets you create tables. I would just like to highlight the fact that is a platform for creating public blog posts. Notepin is a note-taking platform.
Nice idea. I am using twitter for this. But wanted something without 140 char limit. I'm not sure I would upgrdade btw. You already give me what I want. I can live without ambient sounds, and without importing anything. I just want a public and always accesible note taker. Love its current simplicity.
@betoayesa Glad you like the product :)