A rich, distraction-free alternative to sticky notes 📋

This is a simple yet very powerful notepad.

Anything you write in notepad gets backed up to your browser, so it’s always there even if you restart your browser or if it happens to crash.

This works offline too!

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Hey Guys! Notepad is simply a create-react-app, which turned into a super productive note-taking app. This app is an easy replacement of stickies on your desktop. Now you can access all your notes in your browser. This app supports rich text editing and all formatting options are accessible via keyboard. It's distraction-free, saves all your data in your browser only and the app works offline too!
@thumarmahesh It looks fantastic! Definitely onboard with a dark mode at some point. Are there any plans to include code snippet support (like Markdown)?
@forstmeier Thanks! I would definitely think over code snippet support, but not at the coast of simplicity 😃.
Nice! Dark mode? Also, why did you choose the letters μθ for the logo? 🤔
@anna_0x nothing specific about "μθ". It's just the domain that i've had already registered! 😄
@anna_0x @anna_0x Please have a look at dark mode. (press cmd+alt+v) in any opened note to toggle the visibility mode) p.s. if you can't see the latest updates even after refreshing the page, you may want to close the browser tab an open it again to get the latest changes.
Very cool. I think it would be great to improve UX a little bit!
@robert_matyszewski thanks for trying it out! I would definitely work on UX importants overall. Please let me know if you've any specific scope of changes in mind.
@robert_matyszewski If you can revisit the app and have a look at updated UX, tried to make it look cleaner a bit! Also added a search inside my notes.
Loved it. Simple and powerful.
@kassianos thanks for your kind words! It encourage us to build more such stuff..
Good work, I like it! I think there should be more info, maybe in help area ("?") explaining this: "saves all your data in your browser only and the app works offline too". Since I want privacy for my notes, I always wonder about where is the text stored when I use a notes app. Will you monetize it somehow or is it a portfolio project?
@davidmaillo thanks for your comments! I'm glad that you liked it. 😃 I'll add some info. in the app itself, but to give you some insights of data storage, data is stored in your browser localStorage( and not on the cloud or some other remote server, so your data is safe and secure! Regarding monetization, it's free and always will be. In fact, I'm making the source code publicly available on my Github profile!
@davidmaillo @thumarmahesh sorry for the dumb question, but wouldn't doing a cookie-wipe from the browser delete all the saved notes?
@boxivine Just cookie wipe won't delete the notes. But if you are removing browser cache it will delete the notes...
@thumarmahesh i see, thank you for the response!