Writing. Why should it all look the same?

New visual writing app from the folks behind Ommwriter (, one of my favorite minimalist writing apps from a few years back. Anyone using it?
I was just chatting w/ @jlax about new publishing yesterday. Curious to hear his thoughts on this. I haven't tried it yet but looks beautiful. My biggest concern is the time it takes to create as it appears to be very freeform.
@rrhoover As I mentioned yesterday I am generally bullish on long form writing on the Web, so products like Notegraphy fall into that space. This product's main selling point is "themes" or the ability to style flat text. Reminds me of Keynote's themes. Their use case is write something, style it with a theme and then send to your social networks. I don't have a specific opinion on whether there is product market fit here but it looks nice enough. It also seems to work well for content that is greater than 140 characters but less than 1000 characters. They are styling Facebook and Tumblr posts that look like blocks of copy in the feed. Medium or others like it might feel overkill for 450 words. This product seems to slide in between a Tweet and a Medium post.
I can't wait to play around with this over the weekend :-)