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Hey hunters! We’re super excited to be introducing Noted – which combines friends and music libraries to create a smarter, more personalized way to share and discover music. It's a social stream of good music curated by people you know - like Pandora powered by people you trust. Try it out for free on iOS/Android or Would love to get your feedback and answer any questions you may have about the product. Thanks for checking us out! Tim
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One of these music-focused social networks has got to stick, and gain mainstream exposure, right?
@tylerh – 100% agree! We spent the last year at Nusiki working on streamlining online music sharing and worked with with tens of thousands of users, artists, labels etc to find the deeper issues. We found that who introduces you to a song is important. The human elements are key in shaping how you feel about a new song… but with every song in the world available at all times, you don’t want to have to work too hard for new music. From that, we created the best of both worlds - find songs from your friends, but use brand new technology to make that process easier. Because the music is important, but the people are too.
@tylerh no. Because most people don't care enough about music. Solve that problem and the other issues get solved.
@ethank @tylerh Some people care deeply about music and some listen to whatever is there... both groups are more likely to listen if a friend recommends... making it simpler to find songs catered to your taste from people you trust (social + algorithms) seems to be the natural progression
@ben_hewitt_ @tylerh yes, but I've been seeing the same product for 15 years now. All failed, none were self sustaining business, most sold for pennies to acquirers. What makes this different? If you get 5 music execs from various places in a room (label, startup, management, artist), and ask them "what would they tell startups interested in music?" all of them would say (and have said if you go look for the video) "don't do anything with music discovery, no one cares." I don't mean to be harsh or mean, its just that I have literally seen dozens of this exact product, with this exact justification of its value proposition since around 2003/04.
@ethank you're right, I don't think people care, in the same way most people don't care about photography. People care a lot about making memories and taking pictures, but as cameras become more point and shoot than ever before, the technical enthusiasts dwindle. People might not care about music discovery per se but a lot of people in the world like music. I think there's a market for that distinction of apps--which has nothing to do with whether Noted hits that mark or not.
I've been using this for quite a while and I love it. Mix tapes passed between friends ended when we had music at our finger tips everywhere. So many services are desperate to keep you on their platform that they don't allow you to share albums or songs with friends. Noted is different and allows me to hear what friends are digging.
@sikkdays thanks! glad you're enjoying it.
Hey guys- I'm Ben (the other co-founder). Thank you all so much for your support!! (special shoutout @jacqvon for being super helpful!) Thought it'd be worthwhile to mention that not only do we mix friends and libraries (YT and Soundcloud) but we also have a "special sauce" that learns your taste as you like/repost music... So you consistently discovery songs you like from people you know. We think that's an important next step to mix social and algorithms and create the most personal experience w/ tech. Please let us know what you think!
@ben_hewitt_ @jacqvon Which APIs do you get content from here? I assume SC and YT?
It seems like a nice idea to get a curated collection of music from friends and other sources. I personally know people who will listen to songs recommended by their friend circle. But I think the end result that matters to me is, whether I liked that song or not, will I listen to it again or not. The thing is, when it comes to music, even people living in the same geography or even sharing the same flat to live, might have very different tastes in music. So I am using a discovery platform, I will look for the quality of recommendations, I don't care if it comes from a person living next door or from a total stranger. So please don't mind me when I say I am little skeptic for using the app. If you can guarantee or convince the users that out of 10 recommendations, you will like at least 7 of them, I will jump to this platform instantly.