A beautiful note taking app running on Ethereum Blockchain

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NoteChain is an app which allow users to write private and public notes on Ethereum Blockchain. A public note can be easily shared with a unique ID. The note can also be protected by a password so only the selected one can see it.



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Jitesh Dugar@jitesh_dugar · Indie Hacker
Interesting to see this. What is the underlying blockchain framework for this? Who pays for the transaction fees?
Phillip Prado@phillipprado · Digital Content Specialist
@jitesh_dugar The user
Dave SantosMaker@the_dave_santos · Just Dave
@jitesh_dugar Thanks for the interest! NoteChain is just using ethereum/solidity and vuejs. as @phillipprado said the user is paying the transaction fees for every synchronization to blockchain. At the moment, it could be expensive, but for the notes which live forever it maybe a bargain for some use cases 💪
Fraser Smith@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
Interesting idea, but couldn't it get a bit costly if you save a lot of notes?
Dave SantosMaker@the_dave_santos · Just Dave
@frassmith Thanks, yes at the moment it's expensive due to the high gas cost. But in the future, it will become cheaper with new technologies such as sharding, etc.
Fraser Smith@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
@the_dave_santos It might be worthwhile checking out for one method for mitigating high gas costs.
Dave SantosMaker@the_dave_santos · Just Dave
@frassmith you mean peepeth with the IPFS? I did research about it a bit but the content on IPFS is not really eternal. NoteChain is aiming to write eternal notes.
Fraser Smith@frassmith · Software Developer, Shanghai, China
@the_dave_santos Yes, that's what I mean, but you may have missed the point. :-) Peepeth posts your actions on IPFS as you say, but only up to 15 actions. After that you have to commit them to the blockchain before you you can add any more. So you get the permanence, just not immediately (unless you want to commit immediately of course). That way, you only have a single transaction fee to pay for every 15 posts. So, reducing the costs by roughly a factor of 15.
vignesh warar@vignestion · .....
This might be the world's costliest Note app ever.......😂😂😂
Dave SantosMaker@the_dave_santos · Just Dave
@vignestion 😅couldn't agree more 😂🤣 but, it could change with awesome and new techs coming to Ethereum! 🤗
Dave SantosMaker@the_dave_santos · Just Dave
I'm excited to show my first Ethereum project to ProductHunt community. If you have any comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to say it :) thanks!
Kyle Stephens@ky1e_s · Co-Founder of
Hi Dave. Interesting idea. Just wondering what advantage it being on the blockchain has to the average user over, say, a locally-stored or cloud-based application?
Dave SantosMaker@the_dave_santos · Just Dave
@ky1e_s hey thanks Kyle for the interest and the question! the few advantages are: - running forever and immutable (since on blockchain) - private and secure (all data is encrypted before leaving your browser) - open source (backend is using solidity so it's viewable) - decentralized (you can host it on your own pc if notechain is down/blocked/etc)