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@bryanzmijewski - what is the goal with notebooks? There is a lot of competition in this field so keen to see how it differs to things like Invision?
Thanks for sharing @bentossell- we're stoked that you shared our product. Notebooks is a complete refresh of our popular app module within Notable ( It's one of the first design services to make annotating and sharing design screens extremely easy. Notebooks help teams get design feedback and iterate faster by annotating any type of screen. You can leave notes on a screenshot of live site, wireframe or visual mockups and exchange contextual notes with your team to make the right decisions for your product. How is it different? 1. It's built to support sets of static screens- not prototypes. It's optimized around a linear workflow that makes it super easy to give feedback in large volumes page by page. You can upload a set of wireframes from Omnigraffle or Powerpoint- it's not dependent on your authoring tool. This is important for diverse teams that use different design and authoring tools. At ZURB we use Notebooks extensively to present interface sketches on a project. We produce large volumes of Sharpie sketches to demonstrate concepts. 2. You can download a PDF with the feedback and share it with your team or clients. This is helpful when you don't want to require a collaborator to also work within the service. 3. It's responsive so that you can review images from your phone. Responsive, contextual feedback notifications are sent via email. It makes it easy to quickly jump into a design conversation. Notebooks can be saved and shared within a Notable design project. Notebooks compliment our other app modules to support product teams throughout the design process. We'd be happy to walk people through the app! Bryan