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Aman TsegaiΒ β€” Founder/CEO @ Datazar
Hello Product Hunt!

We're really happy to be introducing NotebookJS today.
NotebookJS is a computation environment built entirely on JavsScript.
Now you can analyze and visualize your data directly from your browser.
The best part about this are the Modules. Re-usable code submitted by the community that you can integrate in your session. So if you love building in D3 or just pure JS, submit yours and others will use them!

I wrote more about this in this blog post:

Some examples here:
Chris RidenourΒ β€” Co-Founder, Casamatic
What's the best way to make data available to the notebook? Can I call remote APIs?
Aman TsegaiΒ β€” Founder/CEO @ Datazar
@cridenour good question! for now, you can only stream your datasets directly from yours or anyone's Datazar projects. will be releasing and API method soon. we also encourage everyone to build modules that connect to specific APIs or applications. that way it's just plug and play!
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