Notebook Web Clipper

Clip text, images, and entire articles from the web

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Notebook Web Clipper, as the name suggests, lets you clip content from the web to Notebook ( ), a beautifully simple note-taking app. When you select content on a web page and click on the notebook extension icon, the selected content is automatically copied to a new note. You can use the extension to also create notes from scratch. Photos can be added either from the desktop or the web. You can also take a quick screenshot or save a link to a web page using the simple interface. The 'Clean View' within the extension brings Safari's Reader mode to Chrome. While reading an article, Clean View provides an ad-free experience of the article which can then be saved to Notebook.
@ashokr86 ehm..I'm missing something. Where my notes are stored and how can I see them? Seems really interesting and useful, but I can't figure this out?
@kwdinc Thanks a lot for hunting.
@mrdobelina Content clipped using Web Clipper is saved to the Zoho cloud and synched with the Notebook app ( Currently, your notes can be accessed through iOS & Android apps. Web & native apps are in the works.
@rajuv oh ok! Got it, thanks!
@mrdobelina @ashokr86 You should be seeing the in the application.
Love Notebook, it quickly became my goto app for note taking. Can't wait for a web version or a desktop client to ditch completely Evernote and Apple Notes
I've been using the Notebook app almost everyday since it launched and I find it extremely useful. However, I haven't been able to make Web Clipper a part of my regular web interactions on laptop; given that I've been trying to use it for last 2 weeks. I think it tries to do too many things simultaneously, which is contrary to how Chrome extensions normally work - all good ones do just one thing and do it really well. For example, to read articles later, I use Pocket; for bookmarks, I use Trello that helps me add links as Cards to various Lists, which I think leaves the space for using Notebook Web Clipper squeezed out. For Notebook, a Web-version is much needed along with an ability to set reminders/alerts for various lists.
@rahulgulati Web version is very much in the works. We plan to launch the Web & Mac versions of the app this year. Reminders are mostly done. Will be available in one of our upcoming updates. Reminders will be available for Text Cards and Checklist Cards.
Hey this looks like a decent solution for my ever-growing bookmarks list, however as a Safari user I feel missed out ;)
@ream88 Chrome is the first browser we support. We do plan to support Safari, Edge & Firefox.
@rajuv Nice to hear! :)
Interesting! I'm thinking about featuring this for my Advanced video this Friday! Stay tuned!