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Very nice thought. Love the name by the way! Should try to use a container since it can be a bit overwhelming on large monitors but it's lovely and your promotion urges to signup. Could you please explain a bit further the concept of AI in this particular project?
@anges244 Thanks, I'm a huge fan of the name as well! I'll look into containers a bit more; I do all my development on a 17" laptop (and smaller) so I'm sure there's some aesthetic issues when it goes larger -- thanks for the tip. As for the AI, it's of course in its very basic stages right now, and I'm purposefully taking it slow to avoid being too bothersome and unhelpful, but right now the assistant basically consists of looking up what information is missing from your content (e.g. Alice's age) and subtly asking one question at a time from the sidebar (so if you answer 19, it goes and saves "19" to Alice's age field and doesn't ask again). In the future, one obvious improvement is using relationships between content to generate deeper questions and writing prompts. For example, if you link Bob as Alice's best friend, the assistant could ask for potential information stored on that relationship (e.g. "Where did Alice meet Bob?", where a user could type out a response or link a Location), or something closer to a freer-form writing prompt like, "What do Alice and Bob disagree on most?". Past that, the big AI improvements I'm looking forward to are in finding inconsistencies in your ideas. If, for example, you have Alice listed as Carol's daughter but accidentally jot down Alice as just a few years younger than Carol, it'll point that out and actually ask whether that's right. That's a basic example, but there's lots of cool stuff we can do with the structured relations and semantic locations (e.g. would this person have been in the proper geographic area to meet this other person?). That's all a bit far off, but something to look forward to on the horizon.
@drusepth That's really nice... Should be really helpful to clear things for writers then! I completely agree with the slow step by step approach! Keep it up...
I signed up because this is fascinating, but as I'm not a fiction writer, and don't have time at the moment to build these universes... (whereas my 11-year-old self would) so I thought my own personal use case would be to give this to my cousin-in-law. She's currently 11 and loves reading and writing fiction. So, we'll see how that goes. Also I think the prompts will be good for her. :)
This is such a great idea. I haven't tested it yet, but it might just be that push I needed to stop jotting things in random places and losing them, and actually put something together in a comprehensive manner. Thank you for creating this, and thank you for the free access.
Wow - this may really contribute legit, unique value to creative writing processes. I'm a fan. @IndentLabs @drusepth
Looks like Google material design to me
@duck_muscle Yep! I am in love with Google's material design specs. Specifically, we're using, which is based on it.