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Hello everyone! My name is Pete and I developed NoteBear. With NoteBear students can easily buy and sell their notes or skills directly to one another. Simply snap a picture of your notes, add some details, and share them with anyone! Complimenting notes, skills are academic concepts that can be requested and learned. It’s tutoring on steroids. With NoteBear you can learn more, make a little extra pocket money, and help other students in the process. NoteBear is perhaps one of the most mutually beneficial apps in the App Store. Because we’re psyched about our Product Hunt launch, if you are a student and share our excitement get an exclusive $5 credit by going here: Not a student but know a student that can benefit from NoteBear? Feel free to share the love: I’ve spent quite a while working on NoteBear and I believe it can have a profound impact on student life. That being said, this is our first major release in the App Store and I would love any constructive feedback. We have some incredibly ambitious plans for the next several months and can’t wait to share them with you all! Cheers!
Really love the theme of the app, it’s simple and friendly. Any plans for an Android or web app?
@jackson_roach Glad to hear it! We want NoteBear to be as available as possible to students and so we're very much considering not just what to do next, but how soon we can do it. I'm very excited about the prospect of a sophisticated web app, so stay tuned!
NoteBear is a great idea for an app. It solves a real world problem. Well done @peteallport .
Love this! I wish this existed when I was in school. Good job!
@jeremiahalexj we'll be introducing TimeBear next, an app that allows you to teleport back in time to use NoteBear. Just call me Doc Brown.