Note Pad Calculator

Web Notepad that supports calculations

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Sebastian Alegre Morris
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    Supports variables.


    When dividing, if your numerator is negative, the answer you get is wrong. At least to the point of using simple syntax.

    I'd love it if it would support user functions.

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Steve@Readlang@readlang · Creator, Readlang
I made this ages ago after hearing about Soulver. I find myself using it every now and then within Fluid App ( as an alternative to the in-built OS-X calculator, it's very handy to see results of previous calculations and occasionally to use variables. It's very basic and works by running eval() on each line that looks like a calculation - e.g. enter "alert(1 + 1)" and the result isn't pretty! If this seems useful or you have any feedback please let me know! (I didn't plan on it being shared right now, was planning to make it prettier first, but it's been over a year since I made it so it's probably a good thing to get it out there - thanks @michaelkoper :-) )
Steve Ridout
Steve RidoutMaker@steve_ridout · Jack of all trades, Readlang
Well whatta you know: was available so I've moved it there. Also I've put the code up on GitHub in case any devs are interested in checking out the details - it's surprisingly few lines of code and MIT licensed so go crazy: - let me know if you do anything useful with it! :-)