Note Instantly by Knotable

A simple, beautiful notepad for Chrome's new tab

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Tommy Nicholas
@tommyrva · CEO @ Alloy
This is very similar to how I use blankslate.io (small project I made that was hunted earlier). I've my Chrome up so that my new tabs are blankslate by default, never miss a thought. This appears to do it out of the box (awesome) and has some GREAT features I'm into it! Gonna try it out.
Kevin Kliman
@kkliman · Founder @gethumi.
super simple and intuitive part of my day
Benjamin Larson
@bjamut · Co-founder, Awesome Geekness
Cool product. You might think about making your logo something like Knōtable. I kept saying knot-able in my head (like to tie a knot). Just a thought.
Angel S.
@sayangel · CEO/Co-Founder @insiteVR (YC W15).
awesome! I've been trying so many different strategies for note taking that I'm excited to try this. Now taking a note is as simple as "⌘ + T".
Stowe Boyd
@stoweboyd · futurist, researcher, iconclast