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Its goal is to talk about the art of building fabulous hardware and software products, and to help India become a nation that churns out great products for the world to love.
@neerajt4 Thanks for adding it here! We're here to answer any of the questions. The reason why we started notCRUD was covered yesterday by TNW: and Economic Times http://tech.economictimes.indiat...
Love the idea, wish I was Indian! It would be great to see other countries added on later. Both Australia and Korea are pretty big on promoting their tech scenes. Too job guys!!!
@iamwormify Thanks a bunch, Luke! That's a very, very interesting path one could think about, and we'd love to explore that.
@vectormein Yep, if you ever do expand to Australia or Korea, drop me any email at - happy to provide introductions. I was doing tech startups in Seoul the past few years & just returned back to Sydney.
@iamwormify Awesome! Sounds like a plan! :)