Notational Velocity

A unique modeless, mouseless Mac OS X note-taking app

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nvALT is a NV fork with some additional features added. JustNotes NV-ish notes app that syncs with SimpleNote.
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Fred OliveiraProduct, Engineering at
Brett Terpstra's nvALT fork is my go-to app for just about anything. I keep it running all the time and have a keyboard shortcut to pull it to the foreground, then CMD+L to go to the search/new note field, and fire away. I write my notes in markdown and sync them with all my devices (and other note apps on mobile) by having NV read from a dropbox folder. Highly recommended app, although I'd definitely download nvALT instead.
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
@naval recommended this in episode 13 of Product Hunt Radio. I should give it an honest try... irrationally, I keep reverting to textedit for quick notes.
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@naval @rrhoover Was just going to mention that! Fantastic PHR episode for those that have yet to listen.
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Mike Murchison
CEO of Ada (
I've been using NV for a few years now. I love how lightweight and responsive it is, which stands in contrast to Evernote. You should try it in conjunction with SimpleNote on iOS. I'd love to learn from other NV users what tagging / organization systems they've employed with it, as NV leaves you to do this on your own.
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Adam Kazwell
Product manager/observer
This application has been around for a while, although mostly under the radar. Curious to hear what the PH community has to say about it.