The notepad that is always just one keystroke away πŸ“

Your mind is for having ideas – not holding them. Get your ideas, to-dos and thoughts quickly down using Notation. The notepad editor that is always just one keystore away.

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I've been looking for a nicer looking alternative to nvalt for a long time. Just something simple and beautiful for capturing notes quickly. But I need to be able to sync those notes through either Dropbox or iCloud, so hopefully that functionality is on the roadmap.


Super simple, super fast. Helps get ideas out of my head the moment I have them.


Can't set custom storage folder, so syncing notes through Dropbox won't work.

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Great job!! 😊 Can we please This same version for Windows? It’s not that difficult to make one for windows. This is such a useful one just with onekeystroke
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Looks beautiful! Almost downloaded, but I'm afraid it's too simple for my needs. The default's ability to sync across my devices is something I use all day, every day.
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@moonlightluke Good point, thanks for the feedback! Sync is definitely something I'm thinking about.
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Nice minimal notepad πŸ‘ Any plan for android app?
nice! upvoted