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Have been playing around with this for a bit. Very useful for researching what other companies are sending, have been sending, time of sends, etc. Also, as someone that does email marketing, it works great as a tool finding some inspiration
Very useful! Wish I'd had this when I was working in newsletter publishing. However one thing they need to change is to show more than 9 hits per page (wtf, why 9?) and/or make pagination clear because it took me a while to realize there were more results. Maybe just ajax continuous loading.
@fatfullstacks Gabe, your suggestion is a good one. Working on an app continuously over a long period causes design blindness, and this is probably a good example of that. I've added this to our change list. Thanks.
While I really like the idea of being able to search newsletters, I found the search functionality a bit lacking. For instance, I searched for 'iOS development' and it returned a few related results but many unrelated ones, too, like a trucking newsletter (because it mentioned that it had an iOS app) as well as many others that didn't have anything to do with app development but just mentioned the word 'iOS' or 'development'. I think it's a good idea and I'm going to keep trying in hopes of finding the correct search terms to get me what I want.
@fbara As a search engine, relevance is our highest priority, so we're working to improve that all the time. It's possible to customize your search a great deal. We'll be publishing a guide to advanced search techniques soon. Our goal, of course, is to have it 'just work,' so you can dispense with advanced queries and let the system figure it out. Of course, better relevance will come as the size of our index and the number of covered publishers continue to increase. Meanwhile, if you haven't already done so, try searching for "iOS development" with quotes. Or, better yet, try the following advanced query: ios AND (developer OR development OR coding)
@mrjinnyc Thanks for the feedback. Using "ios development", incl quotes, didn't return relevant results but building a query like you suggested worked much better. Thanks!
@fbara Glad to help, Frank. If there is something you can't find, by all means click the Support tab and we'll take care of it, including adding a publisher we might have missed.
@stefanobernardi Thank you, Stefano.
Lovely idea. I l̶i̶k̶e̶ no no I love the ability to filter by color. I will add this to : Any particular reason why you don't offer signup by email option? Also what sort of pricing do you have in mind for this, how long is the beta? cc: @mrjinnyc
@saijo_george Implementing only social login was purely a matter of expedience at development time; not having to implement a signup/confirmation process allowed us to spend more time on product features. But we realize social logins aren't for everyone, so the more traditional signup-by-email options will be enabled fairly soon. As for pricing, the service will remain free of charge for the foreseeable future. We will also be offering a paid plan with additional features.