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Hey parents! We've put a lot of effort and care into making Notabli for the Web the most accessible, secure, and fun to use home base for all of your kids' moments. You can post moments (photos, videos, notes, quotes, and audio) through your browser, invite family & friends to keep up (via mobile app, web, or email), and it works seamlessly with our iOS app. As a parent you have full-control and ownership over who can see your kids' moments. And you can export your kids' moments in full-resolution/HD at any time (or have them auto-backup to your Dropbox account). Please hit us up with any feedback or ideas that would make Notabli amazing for you and your family. Thanks!
We're also hiring iOS and Android developers!
I've been using the Notabli iPhone app for two years. I started when my daughter was four; she's now six. My family now has an beautiful, super-organized, curated-in-the-moment timeline of her progress, milestones and growth. (Meanwhile, my iPhoto library is a disaster). Sharing photos to Facebook is fine, but it's not a way to organize anything long-term. Her mother and I have loved the new web app as a fast way for uploading our older photos of our kid, including many of her baby photos. Notabli is truly a part of our family's life now.
As the parent of a young child, this is very interesting to me. The video on your home page does a great job of getting people in the right "my little baby is growing up!" emotional frame of mind; congrats! It looks like Notabli is completely free; is that correct? If so, how do you convince the people using your service you'll be around through their kids' childhood, and that they should invest time in using your platform? I'm not being snarky, just pragmatic; so many free services disappear, and a childhood is an eternity in startup-time.
@tnorthcutt Hey, Travis! Glad you like the video! Like any web-based service, longevity is always a concern. We have every intention of being around for the long haul. But we've also made content-ownership abundantly clear. Ownership and privacy are very important to us. Everything you upload to Notabli is yours, and you can export it all whenever you'd like. We also have Dropbox integration for always-on backup. (Also, there will be ways to support Notabli soon.)
Such a fan of what you're doing Jackson
@narrowd Hey thanks, Nick! We're having fun.