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Hey all. I'm Jackson, co-founder of Notabli. Happy to answer any questions!
Congrats on the v2 launch, @jacksonlatka! Parents love taking photos of their kids, as evidenced in @joshelman and @hnshah's Snapchat stories. :) One of the challenges I see with this type of product replacing existing solutions parents are familiar with (Facebook, Instagram, private camera roll, etc.). That said you're offering specific features for this use case (e.g. private, family sharing). What did you do to discover what parents wanted in a product like this?
Thanks, @rrhoover! I totally agree. We are not trying to replace existing networks with Notabli. There are already many great solutions for sharing, which is why our focus is on creating an archive of a kid's best moments, while also making it easy for the people who care most about your kids to keep up (via email, app, or on the web). I've found that I want to curate and save a lot more of my kids' moments (together with my wife) than I am willing to share publicly to my individual social network accounts. So all the best photos/videos/quotes go into Notabli, and then I cross-post a select few to other networks from Notabli. @joshelman and @hnshah - I'd love your feedback, if you give it a shot!
I've been using this app exclusively to share media of my kiddo with family and friends since it launched. It is fantastic and the developers are very active in making the content accessible and archivable. It's on my iPhone's first screen.
Also, a little hack. Change "kids" to "projects" and this app becomes a great tool for collecting process documentation for later portfolio use. Every project needs a daddy [creepy]!