Notable Me

Put your face on a bill using AR

Notable Me is an entertaining, eye-catching AR app that let you recreate a bill with your portrait drawn on instead of the famous historic figures. Experience how it feels to have become a notable person!
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Hello! I'm an iOS developer from South Korea. A couple of months ago, I was looking for something fun to make with brand new ARKit, and I came up with this idea. Notable Me detects various banknotes and swaps the portrait of historic figures with your face. Just follow these simple steps: 1. Point the camera at a bill. 2. Tap the glowing figure. 3. Place your face in the center of the front camera. 4. Press Capture! (Currently the app supports Korean Won and US dollar bills only.) I mainly used Apple's ARKit for this app, with the help of Google's MLKit for face landmark detection to crop out just the face, and also trained a custom style transfer model with Turi Create. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to comment!
@soojin_ro this is super cool... is it illegal to tamper with currency digitally though? LOL!
@chrismessina LOL In the future with AR maybe!
Cool joke but it's one time app