Powerful cross-platform note-taking platform

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Noah Lichtenstein
Partner, Cowboy Ventures
I first discovered Notability from @gingerlabs as a result of a mobile app usage survey I conducted of high school and college students to find out their favorite under-the-radar apps (and later wrote about in TechCrunch at To my surprise, Notability was the top response from these students of all apps. I have since learned that it has consistently held the #1 category ranking in the Apple store for iPad and is an Apple Editor's choice pick on iPhone, iPad, and mac. I've tested it out and it appears to have a much more robust set of features than other note taking apps, and I am considering replacing Evernote with it. Curious to hear anyone's thoughts and if they have tried Notability.
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Morgan Beller
Corporate Development, Facebook
@noah_l - you know I'm a huge fan!
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