The best thing to happen to cooking since recipes.

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Hi—I'm Amanda, the co-founder of Food52 and I'm delighted that today we launch (Not)Recipes, our first iOS app built in-house, and our most ambitious and exciting project this year—and we're just getting started, with lots more features to come! (Not)Recipes is a new way to find—and share—cooking ideas and inspiration using photos. It's the only app to tap into the smart, spontaneous cooking really happening in people's homes—and show how it's done. (Spoiler alert: Most of the time, home cooks aren't using recipes.) Thanks so much for hunting us. We can't wait for you to explore the app and let us know what you think!
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Looks great Amanda
@figgirl Thanks Sondra!
Just posted my first image. will keep it for inspiration.
@amandahesser give a cookie(or 2) to whoever was with the idea to place user profile under the image and not follow instagram blindly. Content first. Love it.
I love how easy it is to get started with the app and I'm excited to start cooking and sharing ideas. One question for your product/design folks, is there a reason as to why you wanted to create an app that feels somewhat similar to Instagram? Did your earlier tests show that people were happy to have two similar apps on their phone or are you trying to see if people will gravitate towards sharing food on multiple apps (or maybe just Food52)?
@noahchestnut There is a ton of food sharing done on all social platforms, and there are also a number of very good recipes apps. But we felt like no one was celebrating the spontaneous, off-the-cuff cooking that people do every day. We love Instagram, and the way they've built photo browsing makes a ton of sense. It's become a familiar design -- so we figured why mess with this? But we felt that there was a need for an app that's both inspirational and useful. A place where the photos are appealing and informative, and there's info (ingredients) and comment threads that make the app a useful, everyday tool. We aim to make a safe space for real cooking—failures and all—instead of only being about brand-building and unattainable beauty. Also, while there's clearly a social culture evolving on (Not)Recipes, our focus is more on topics and allowing people to dive deep into cooking subjects that matter most to them, whether it's cakes, grain bowls, or burgers.
Eager to try this out. Great idea.
@tunaroses Thank you, Michelle!