Not Provided Count

We track 60 sites to chart the rise of not provided

Would love to see this with an overlay of the decline in Facebook reach! Eventually we're all going to just have to go back to handing out flyers in the street, since measuring the ROI of that will be about as easy as measuring it for online advertising.
"(Not Provided) Count uses live Google Analytics data from 60 websites to track the rise of the '(not provided)' keyword, and the decline of real keyword data."
This is cool. 👍 Interesting to me because it shows what % of google users are using google over SSL. Google defaults to HTTPS now. So I'm wondering if it's specific browsers or mobile devices that are still doing searches over unsecured connections. Losing keyword data makes SEO hard. But I think overall, security is worth it.
@mscccc There are some ways to actually investigate what is going on in the (not provided) count. It does take some times but there's a lot of hidden knowledge there.