Not Hotdog Tutorial 🌭

Guide to build a machine learning app in 30 min without code

Remember "Not Hotdog" from Silicon Valley's Season 4? We built it and we think everyone (beginners too!) can build it in 30 minutes without using a single line of code. Follow our tutorial. We hope to demonstrate that visual programming & 3rd party services like Watson make building complex software much more accessible to all.

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Do you think the future of software building will involve people building without actually coding @vladimirleytus?
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Hi @abadesi - overall, yes. But I think that it will depend on the kind of software. Things that aren't actually a new tech innovation (90%+ of software that is made today) will be built without code. Things that are a new tech innovation (e.g. a new compression algorithm) will still be built with code by highly skilled devs.
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@abadesi it's already happening. With tools like Bubble for building full fledged webapps, there are several others for games, mobile apps and chatbots. It only makes sense that these bridges exist and Devs focus on highly specialised stuff plus new technology. It brings a tremendous amount of freedom for business people who want to just build simple stuff that makes life and work easier.
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@ajoke_emekene I remain curious to hear stories of people from outside tech leveraging these products. Haven't heard much about it outside of tech yet!
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@abadesi Hey , well we can start with me... I'm about as outside of tech as it gets... My background is in HR ( first and second degree plus I practiced HR for 4.5 years in a completely non-tech company - Consumer Goods). I built a chatbot last year, with no code using and snatchbot. The bot is called Biri and is hosted on it helps connect people who have been raped or abused to Counselors in Nigeria. You can totally check it out.
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@ajoke_emekene Super interesting story, thanks for sharing. Why haven't you hunted Biri here on PH yet? πŸ˜„ I think your story would inspire others
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