Not For Print (NFP)

Quarterly print publication by and for Ello's community

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In case you were wonder what @elloworld was up to — now you know: a quarterly print magazine! When everyone else zigs, they sure seem to zag! Ello is proud and excited to announce Not For Print (NFP), a quarterly print publication designed to bring heightened visibility and new opportunity to Ello’s community members. NFP is about taking Ello’s internet culture to the printed page and giving credit where credit is due. Each edition of NFP will address a unique theme evocative of Ello’s current state of mind. Issue 01 focuses on the theme of “censorship.” We want to see who’s pushing the limits, challenging the mainstream and making work that says something special. 108 Pages 50 Ello Creators Featured Curated by Todd Berger (Founder & CEO), Lucian Föhr (Founder & CPO), and Amber Young (Lead Curator)
@chrismessina @elloworld and that's not all - we've done recent print collaborations with SPOON, Arkitip and Hi-Fructose magazines. We've sent one up and coming fashion designer to Paris during fashion week, printed limited edition work of members with Arkitip, had a live music show with Tommy Guerrero at Alife - soon to be released live album, and 16 members' works will be featured in Hi-Fructose in stores this January. The creative community gets it. No other platform has been built for creators, by creators. The tech media memes from a few years ago only resounded in their echo chamber. And thanks for sharing.
@chrismessina thanks for the post. PS. How do you embed an image here? Markdown?
@lucianfohr standard HTML img tag!
Thanks for the love!
Early on ello attracted the artist community so I'm not too surprised to see them move in this direction.
@rrhoover Ello actually started with artists in mind. Interesting read on how they veered from the course due major press narrative
@rrhoover Invite CEO Todd Berger on to talk with you about what happens when the viral sensation disrupts a plan, creates different opportunities. Enjoy your day.
@ggnall @rrhoover as with most 750 word articles that only captures a tiny bit of the narrative. the "facebook killer" meme was fun for half a second. it plays into a larger tech media narrative of "next unicorn" or "bust." it doesn't leave room for the nuance and hard work of building companies based on a purposeful vision. Ello has always been about building a virtuous cycle of opportunity for creators.
agree. not slighting the effort or focus, just highlighting how the narrative can form the public's opinion.
@ggnall thanks for the kindness
Love this! How can I subscribe to this magazine?
@ashley_pengilly You can pre-order the first edition for 20% off here:
It's $20, just get it if you like unique and creative content.
@michael_paul_young has one of my favorite spreads in the mag.