Not Fade Away

Book that makes you rethink your priorities

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You'll cry. That's okay. When you are finished with this book you'll hug a few of the people closest to you and then you'll spend some time thinking about your life. Will you strive to be successful? Or will you go beyond that to have true and lasting impact on your family, friends, and the world we all share? Our time is so short. Go.
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@sacca Have 30 pages left. Reading it out loud with my gf, plenty of tears along the way so far. We decided very early to only read the book outside to allow ourselves to appreciate the world around us. Recommendation on a next book to read? A+ on this recco.
Pumped to crack this one, next on my list!
Finished this book in one sitting. Peter Barton took big air risks but knew how to spot the landing. From business all the way through his disease, his attitude was incredible. A must read for any maker.
Finished it in 24 hours. Humbling and uplifting all at the same time. Appreciate what you have and the life and legacy you want to leave behind.