Not Espresso

Find the best filter, pour-over, Aeropress coffee in London

Not Espresso is your definitive list of speciality cafes in London. Find coffee just as you like it – batch brew, pour over, AeroPress, French Press or syphon. Anything but espresso-based drinks.

Born from a frustration of settling for gross, over extracted, bitter coffee in unfamiliar neighbourhoods – no more bad coffee.

Mike Rogers
Barry Pace
Kumy Veluppillai
  • Mike Rogers
    Mike RogersDeveloper

    Very easy to use, clear simple concept


    Not voting system to make the best places more obvious

    I got super lucky and saw this as it was developing, it has come a long way! Plus compared to the places on Google maps, this is niche focused :D

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Hi everyone. I made Not Espresso a couple months back for Londoners looking for a better brew in unfamiliar neighbourhoods. Would love your feedback, particularly if you're in the Big Smoke. Any great cafes that are missing? Thanks!
I will definitely try this. It would be handy if you could list the preparation methods available in each listed shop,
@rmuch Thanks for the suggestion Rupert! I've been trying to gather this data, should be able to add it soon.